Hans Flick was happy after a big win against Wolfsburg. Also, he made a very big statement during the press-conference.

Leaving Bayern Munich

German coach said that everything is clear. He noted that during the midweek talks, he asked the management of the team to let him exit from the contract of Bayern Munich. Hans Flick said that he is very grateful for 2 unforgettable years with the team that changed him. At the same time, Flick said that training the squad of Bayern Munich is something that can stick with him for good. German coach said that he can’t see himself improving this team anymore. He noted that the team can win another Bundesliga title. Championship will be confirmed soon as they are 7 points clear of the main opponent in the Bundesliga table of Bundesliga. 

It’s rumored that Flick can be a new coach of German national team. Low will leave the national team in summer. After Euro 2020 (2021), Germany will have a new head coach. Journalists believe that German national team has a big chance of winning the World Cup 2022 with Flick. Hans fully revolutionized the strategy of Bayern Munich. Team won all possible trophies last season. Unfortunately they could not win the Champions League as they lost the ‘tie’ against PSG.


Reactions from the players

David Alaba posted on Twitter that is very proud of Hans Flick. Alaba posted that he will stick with Hans Flick until the very end. Keep in mind that Alaba has last months in Munich. He will leave Bayern due to a contractual deadline. He will be a free agent from June 1, and Real Madrid is interested in his skills. Thomas Muller also posted and said that it’s a very sad day for Bayern Munich players and fans. In any case, they stand along and respect the decision of Hans Flick.