Bayern’s main coach met with the journalists after the game. Team won the game against Hoffenheim and scored four goals.

Winning four matches in a row

It seems that there was a little downhill for Bayern at the start of the year. Hans said that he is happy with the results. They won four matches in a row and this fact speaks a lot. Flick said that the team is playing well and little downhill is over. The German coach admitted that the team could not score more goals in the second half. At the same time, Flick noted that the team was not very good in the defensive line. Bundesliga’s official representatives believe that Bayern has problems in the defense. It seems that the team can’t defend well after the crosses. It was not a problem last season, but suddenly Bayern’s defenders can’t defend well during the crosses of opponents.

Thomas Muller is back on the track

German midfielder was happy after the game. He scored a goal in the first half and increased the lead of Bayern Munich. After the match Thomas said that the team is doing pretty well in the Bundesliga. He said that winning four matches in a row is not easy. Thomas said that Hoffenheim was trying to equalize the game but they failed miserably. After Robert Lewandowski’s goal everything was clear, so Hoffenheim did not try to change anything in the end.