Liverpool became the champions of the Premier League yesterday after 30 years of disappointment. Now the German is facing the hardest part of a more difficult task than he had five years ago.

Thus, the deserved monument will soon take its shape. Jurgen has extended his contract with Liverpool until 2024 (they say he will receive 18 million euros a year). Anyone who knows him knows that even after winning the Champions League and the Premier League, he will not calm down. Klopp will have new goals today. Second Champions League in a row, Second Premier League in a row, etc. However, this won’t be easy.

History tells us that after winning everything, teams with the existing lineup and composition very often face a crisis. Recall the story of Klopp himself: Borussia Dortmund won the Bundesliga twice in a row, reached the final of the Champions League, and then could not win anything. In his last season, Klopp’s Dortmund took the 7th place in the Bundesliga.

I want to say that the most challenging thing for Klopp in Liverpool is starting now. After this championship, Jurgen faces the most challenging task in his Liverpool career. He has to rediscover his team somehow, and the team has to rediscover his football. In England or beyond England, everyone wants to stop Liverpool’s successful move. To do this, everyone will do their best to make Klopp’s next mission, of course, even more difficult. But if anyone can complete this mission, it is first of all Klopp again – the normal one – for sure.

The monument will be erected in any case, because he deserves it. Even if they don’t, this monument already exists.