Paul Pogba missed the second-half penalty in the 68th minute giving Wolves a point in a game that ended 1-1 draw last night.

The French midfielder, Paul Pogba was facing racial discrimination on social media this week, following the various penalties missed.
England’s forward, Marcus Rashford reacted on twitter, “Manchester United is a family. Paul Pogba is a huge part of that family. You attack him you attack all of us,” he tweeted.
Other solid reactions that took the social media was from the new signing, Harry Maguire. The player was disgusted by the unwarranted and vile racist abuse. He strongly believes if the vice is not dealt with it soon, it will definitely spread out.
On his official twitter account, Harry Maguire tweeted,” Harry Maguire echoed those sentiments, tweeting: “Disgusting. Social media needs to do something about it… Every account opened should be verified by a passport/driving license. Stop these pathetic trolls making numerous accounts to abuse people.”
This and several other times Manchester united players have faced racial discrimination in the English premier league. Patrice Evra, a French international faced the same action when Luiz Suarez who played for Liverpool failed to shake his hand. It is time that discriminating individual on the basis of skin color comes to the end.

Social discrimination in a football match lower the morale of the players who face such treatment. Scoring or missing a penalty is part of the game.

The fans should appreciate the players contributions instead of criticizing. Criticism is not a good step that fans should take because everyone is different.
A July study by Kick It Out showed that cases of racism have been increased approximately 43%. Last season recorded 274 cases of racism while the previous season recorded only 192. Therefore, every individual has to combat racial descrimination.
Twitter also raised their concern and they promised to take actions on behaviors that targets individuals in a hateful conduct. Twitter restricted actions aimed at showing hatred to specific individuals.

In a nutshell

The fans have an obligation to respect the professional players regardless of their race. They make us proud of ourselves most of the times. we have to make them happy too.