Harvey Elliott does not like Sergio Ramos. So, the young player refused Real Madrid because of the Spaniard.

Apparently, the young talented player had other options besides Liverpool as Real Madrid was also interested in him. It turns out that the “Royal Club” made him an official offer, and the Englishman was given the opportunity to meet the captain of the Spanish team, Sergio Ramos, in person. But he refused the offer.

The reason for all this was Sergio Ramos. Football fans well remember the final clash of the Champions League 2017-2018 season between Real Madrid and Liverpool, in which Zidane’s team won 3: 1.

In this match, one of the most painful moments for the Merseysiders was the forced change of Mohamed Salah, which led to an episode of a confrontation with Sergio Ramos. When the Egyptian and Spanish players fought for the ball, Ramos grabbed Salah’s right hand, and after the fall, one of the leaders of the Klopp team suffered an injury that turned out to be so severe that he was unable to continue the game.

A large part of the fans thinks that Ramos did all this on purpose. He knew that if he “got rid” of the Egyptian, then the English would be significantly weakened and thus increase his team’s chances of winning. Ramos himself has denied the fact that Salah was intentionally injured. Although it is a fact that after his departure from the pitch, Zizu’s side took the lead and defeated the opponent with a convincing score.

Liverpool fans will probably never forget this moment, including young Harvey Elliott. He denied the allegations when he refused to visit the Santiago Bernabeu and meet Ramos.


“I made the right choice!”


“I don’t want to meet him. After he did Salah, I don’t like him anymore. That’s how I approached the Real Madrid representative when he offered me a meeting with Ramos.

Mo Salah is like a real king to us. It’s a honor for me to be with him, and I can learn a lot from him. He helps young players in many ways. Salah often comes to me when we train in the gym and gives me different kinds of advice.

He really makes a big impact on young players and likes what he does. I think I made the right choice, and I’m happy to wear the Liverpool shirt, “said Harvey Elliott.

The player is currently 17 years old and has already won two titles with the Merseysiders – the UEFA Super Cup and the World Club Championship.

As it is known, besides Real Madrid, Chelsea, PSG, and Arsenal fought against Liverpool in his transfer. Elliott has already played one match in the current season of the Premier League in the first team of Liverpool. In that match, Klopp’s men defeated Sheffield 2: 0. By the end of the meeting, Harvey had replaced Mohamed Salah. He mainly plays for the U-23 team, where he has scored two goals in 12 matches.