One fan finds a new use for face masks at football as he finds “proper way to wear a face mask while watching Arsenal” covering his eyes from seeing his team lose again.

One disappointed Arsenal supporter found a new way to use his face-mask inside the Emirates on Sunday night as Gunners slumped to a fourth home defeat by covering his eyes.

Arsenal’s rotten from at home continued as Aubameyang’s own goal consigned Arteta’s side to a 1-0 loss against Burnley. As a result, the pressure is piling up on Arteta. As 2,000 Arsenal fans entered the Emirates for the first time to watch their side, by second-half-stoppage time, one supporter had seen enough. This supporter opted to use his mask to cover his eyes, to the amusement of viewers worldwide.

With fans already leaving as defeat loomed the stadium, this supporter delighted onlookers on social media too.

One Twitter user tweeted, “definitely an advantage having a mask when watching Arsenal at the moment”, while another noted, “the best use of the face mast to prevent Covid and to watch Arsenal play”.

Another user quipped, “think that picture of that Arsenal fan with his face mask over his eyes sums up the state of that club at the moment”.

However, the big flashpoint of the game came before the hour mark when a skirmish broke out between both sets of players after a foul on Burnley winger Dwight.

VAR replay showed Xhaka had grabbed Burnley midfielder Ashley West wood by the throat in the melee that followed the foul. A yellow card was initially awarded by referee Graham Scott before he went over to the pitch-side monitor and overturned for a red.

When asked for his thoughts on Xhaka’s decision, a down-beat Arteta said, “Absolutely. He’s made a mistake, the dominance we had at that point. It’s a game we clearly had to win but down to 10 men you give the opponent a chance”.

“Yes, it is unacceptable to do that action but it is because they are so willing to do more, fight more. And on this occasion, Granit overstepped the line. We cannot make that mistake because it’s the wrong approach for us”.