As you know, Manchester City beat Real Madrid in the first 1/8 final of the Champions League. Pep Guardiola, head coach of the “Citizens,” gained the 28th win in the playoffs of the most prestigious club tournament in Europe.

This means that the Catalan tactician has topped according to the number of victories in the playoffs.

Pep has surpassed Sir Alex Ferguson, Carlo Ancelotti, and Jose Mourinho, who account for 27 winnings.


Real’s nightmare – How many times has Pep Guardiola beaten Real Madrid in total?


As you know, Manchester City head coach Josep (Pep) Guardiola has strengthened his positive stats against Real Madrid. The Catalan tactician has won six outings against the Royal Club, and Pep is the only one to defeat Los Blancos in the Champions League with two different teams.

The current specialist of the “Citizens” have beaten Real Madrid 10 times in total, which is a 21st-century record.

Guardiola surpassed Diego Simeone and Ernesto Valverde, who beat El Galactico nine times.


Manchester City – the only English team to win the first-leg in Champions League playoff this year


The City are the only representatives of the Premier League to have won the first leg of the CL playoff in the current season. Before the Blues, Liverpool, Tottenham, and Chelsea also came out, though all three of them lost.

The Reds could do nothing against Atletico. Tottenham Hotspur also failed against Leipzig, and the Aristocrats were demolished against Bayern Munich.

Although Real Madrid played magnificently for 75 minutes, then they lost everything – including intensity and control of the game. They simply stepped back and allowed the glorious opponent to attack. City, of course, used it for their benefit and scored two goals.


The Manchester City players have been working with Guardiola for four years, and during this time, he has offered many surprises. Yes, according to Kevin De Bruyne, sometimes even City players are surprised by Pep’s decisions.