As you may know, Cadiz just returned from the Segunda Division. It’s the second division of spanish football federation. Cadiz has not played in La Liga for a few years already. They returned and made huge sensations in just a few weeks. First of all, they won a away match in Madrid and then defeated Barca at home.

Barca’s players were tired

Cadiz was waiting for this match for more than a week. The players had enough time to recover from the previous match and have fun on the pitch. On the other hand, Barcelona’s players had a match on Wednesday night. It was hard for Barca’s players to play again in just three days without time for recovery.

It was visible on the pitch that Barca’s players did not have enough power and energy. Just like Real Madrid, Cadiz played against Barcelona during a tough period. 

Cadiz scored even though Barca equalized

Gimenez scored the goal in the first half. He opened the score-line in the 8th minute and since then, Cadiz was leading the match. Dembele started playing in the second half and everything changed. From the left wing, Barca was attacking a lot in the second ahfl. Soon after Dembele’s substitution, Barcelona scored a goal and equalized. Cadiz’s player scored an own goal and Barca players started thinking about three points. Everything changed when Barca made a little mistake and Negredo scored a goal. In just one minute after entering the pitch, Negredo scored a winner.