Many championships have been temporarily suspended due to a worldwide pandemic. The Serie A matches have been postponed until at least April. London’s Arsenal whole squad is in quarantine. Matches are delayed in La Liga as well. Though, there are still some exciting matches this weekend. So, we offer two hottest matches you shouldn’t miss!

Tottenham – Manchester United


Jose’s return to the Premier League was notable because the Portuguese make any match even more special – whether in a positive or negative context. Jose’s games have always been of particular interest, and this stir outside the field is still starting from press conferences.

What’s more interesting is Jose’s confrontation with former teams. Mourinho will take on Manchester United on Sunday. The Portuguese has revenge against the former team, which is still not well off. In the previous match, Jose lost 2-1 to Sulskjaer, and Tottenham looked awfully weak in that match.

Tottenham are out of the league since Wednesday. Now Jose needs to be rehabilitated in the eyes of fans.

As for Manchester United, they are likely to play with big motivation. The Red Devils have finally found their own game and are fighting against Chelsea for fourth place in the Champions League. The difference is just 3 points, and every point for United is vital.


Merseyside Derby


Everton will take on their fierce rivals, Liverpool, in the central match of the 30th round of the Premier League.

In the Merseyside derby, the tournament situation has never really mattered. The controversy is one of England’s major derbies. So, in any case, we will see an unjust struggle.

For Liverpool, the season is over. The championship is now decided, and the league playoffs have ended after their defeat against Atletico. The future champions have only one thing left to do to rehabilitate in front of their fans and break as many records as possible in the Premier League.

Everton are in the middle of the table. The team is neither in danger of falling nor has the chance to get into the Eurozone. But Carlo Ancelotti’s men need to rehabilitate in their viewers’ eyes after a disastrous 4-goal defeat to Chelsea in the previous round.

Both teams are about in the same condition: they have nothing to lose, just a big derby and just playing football.