The Tottenham Hotspur captain, Hugo Lloris praised Mourinho. The Londoners are leading the English Premier League.


As you know, a few days ago, Tottenham boss Jose Mourinho said that his team is a mere pony in the fight for the Premier League title and the Londoners are not among the main favorites. Frank Lampard did not agree with him and noted that the Portuguese has an excellent team that can be involved in the fight for the championship.

Tottenham defeated Arsenal 2-0 in the derby yesterday, and after 11 rounds, they are at the top of the Premier League tournament table. The Guardian quotes Hugo Lloris as praising him as “special” and calling him the team’s top leader.

I do not want to comment on the coach’s statement, although I do know exactly what he meant. Some clubs indeed have more opportunities than us. Liverpool, Manchester City – These clubs have not won the championship in recent years.

Chelsea are also always fighting for the championship, but that does not mean that we do not have ambitions. Each of us is very motivated, and it looks good on the field.

It feels great when you are at the top of the tournament table. However, we have achieved all this at the cost of a lot of hard work, and now we have to continue the successful move. The head of every big team is the coach, and in our case, it’s Mourinho. He was not happy with the score at Stamford Bridge because he thought we could have won and demanded more from us. He is right in this case too.