After the doctors diagnosed Neymar, his post was spread on social media.

Paris Saint-Germain player Neymar will not be able to play against Barcelona in the Champions League because he got an injury in a cup match with Cain two days ago and will have to stay without football for at least 4 weeks.

The Brazilian footballer posted a post on social media in which he feels the frustration he feels.

Neymar writes that he does not know how long he will endure all this, and sometimes he gets an unpleasant feeling because of his playing style.

“The grief is great. The pain is huge. I love playing football the most in my life, and I will have to stop again. Sometimes I feel uncomfortable because of my style of play because I am constantly bullied after dribbling. It hurts when I hear from players, coaches, fans or others – “he always falls”, “he cries”, “he is an immoral child” … Honestly, it bothers me, and I do not know how long I will endure it. “I just want to be happy playing football, nothing more,” Neymar wrote.

Recall that Paris Saint-Germain will visit Barcelona in Spain on February 16. The return match is scheduled for March 10 in Paris. So, Neymar will probably have to miss the second game as well.