AC Milan midfielder Ismael Bennacer hails Zlatan Ibrahimovic as the key to the Italian side’s recent rediscovered winning mentality.


Ibrahimovic returned to Serie A former club Ac Milan in January 2020 and has sparked a turnaround for the Rossoneri. AC Milan are the only close title contender at second-place chasing the runaway leaders Inter Milan.

According to Bennacer, Ibra off the pitch and on the Pitch influence has been pivotal to the club’s turnaround.

“Everyone knows him, his mentality – he’s a winner,” Bennacer said.

“Maybe we didn’t have this experience that he brought with him. It’s good for us young players because we improved in this. Now we want to win like he wants to win,” the 16 years his junior added.

“Our level is better even at training. In training, we want to win, and he brought that,” the Algerian believes the striker’s influence in training has boosted the Milan spirit.

Ibrahimovic has scored goals in 15 league games for Milan, leading the club’s top scorer chart this season.

Bennacer, who recently returned from a lengthy muscle Injury, also talked of his though moment recovering.

“It was hard because it was the first big injury of my career. I didn’t know what to do, how to think. But everything that happens in life, I will stay positive,” Bennacer said.

The AC Milan midfielder Bennacer has seen only three league games in almost four months due to injury. He continued to acknowledge that the relentless run of fixtures and his desire to play.

“Even if we played every day, I would want to play. But it’s true, I’ve never played every three days in my career,” Bennacer said.

“To play two or three times a week is a little bit different for me and my body. You must recover better, eat better, sleep better. You have to do everything better,” he acknowledges.