“The season must be completed. The championship should be held out of respect for the dead and all the fans.” The head of Lazio told reporters.”

If we can’t finish the season it will be a “disaster”

According to Lazio sporting director Igli Tare, if the current season of Serie A is canceled due to an outbreak of coronavirus, it will be a “disaster.” The Italian top-flight was suspended indefinitely due to the Covid-19 crisis. Players and employees of all clubs throughout the league are currently self-isolating following new government rules. The pandemic hit Italy more than any other country in the world: to date, 101 739 cases have been confirmed, and 11 591 deaths recorded. Although 13 rounds of Series A have yet to be completed. It has been suggested that the campaign may be wholly nullified if the coronavirus crisis breaks out over the next few weeks.

The season must be finished

However, Igli says that it is still too early to make a final decision. While he believes that the competition should come to its natural conclusion “out of respect for the dead.”The season must be completed. The championship should be held out of respect for the dead and all the fans,” the head of Lazio told reporters. “Until the time has come to decide on the cancellation. The number of infected is reduced, and it would be unfair to interrupt the season.”Tare added about the possible financial consequences of prematurely ending the season: “For Italian football, stopping here would be a disaster.”In Italian football, more than 75% of clubs finance their budgets through television rights. If these incomes were not there, it would come to a crash.”

There is a serious chance that the Serie A will not end

At the moment, all players are forced to maintain their suitability at home. At the same time, access to educational institutions is now limited against the background of the lock that has been introduced in Italy. “We would like to return to usual, and that also means training,” added Igli. “The players are not expecting anything else. They are just waiting for the moment when everything can return to normal inside the club.” At this moment, we will have to slowly restore shape and get out of this terrible moment as soon as possible.” Fiorentina owner Rocco Commisso also turned to the current break in Serie A during an interview on Monday but did not say the same views as Tara. “Let’s think about health, then talk about football,” said Rocco.


“Let’s see if we can return to training. But there is a serious chance that the championship will not end.”