The Spaniard decided to retire after facing a severe heart problem while training at Porto.

It was very difficult for Iker to retire from professional football

Iker Casillas admitted that he was disappointed with how his professional goalkeeper career came to an end. The Spaniard decided to retire after facing a severe heart problem while training at Porto. “It was not a difficult decision because it was not me who did it,” Casillas told journalists. “It was forced upon me by circumstances. So I had no choice but to accept it. It is true that before the heart attack, I thought it would be something that would come in one or two years. “Of course, every day, I was approaching the end of my sports career, but it did not end the way I would like, and I’m sorry. If I think about it, I did not retire due to a serious footballer injury. I have to be grateful that I had a successful career, with more magical than chaotic moments.”

Casillas dreams have come true

Casillas also said he was flattered to be nominated by France Football for a spot between the Ballon d’Or Dream Team goals. “When you are young, you have dreams, you hope to achieve them and make history in this sport,” said Casillas. “I feel like I’ve achieved it. Being on the list of the top ten goalkeepers reminds me that my dreams have come true. But when I think of all the others who are, in fact, legends to me, seeing myself next to them makes me blush a little. I feel dazzling to be there, yes. It is true that I have achieved great things in football, that I have been one of the best for a long time. I leave it to the members of the jury to decide whether my presence is legitimate.”

“However, I know that by looking closely, few of us have had careers like mine”. Casillas revealed the names of the goalkeepers who have impressed him over the past few seasons. “I am basic, so I would say, Manuel Neuer, whom I played against, and everyone knows that I am a fan of Gigi Buffon, even if he plays less,” added Casillas. “When he does it, he does it at a very high level. I also really like Thibaut Courtois, Jan Oblak, Marc-André Ter Stegen, and Alisson Becker.”