Cristiano Ronaldo talked about his son in an interview. The Portuguese says he is often a very strict father.


Juventus and Portugal superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has spoken about his son, Ronaldo Jr. According to CR7, her son has great potential, but it is not enough, and it takes a lot of hard work. As Ronaldo noted, his son drinks Coca-Cola and eats potato fries, which makes him very irritated.

“At first, he does not have everything to conquer the peaks. I am sometimes very strict with my son. He drinks Coca-Cola and Fanta, he also likes potato fries, and I do not like it. My younger children also look at me scared when I see them eating chocolate. We must be strong. Truth. “To tell you the truth, Junior has potential, he’s a big guy, he’s fast, he’s technical, but that’s nothing, and I always say that success requires a lot of dedication and hard work,” Ronaldo said in an interview with the Corriere Della Sera.

“I always tell him to run before training and then put him in cold water to get his energy back better. He replies that the water is very cold and he does not want to do it. I understand he is only ten years old. It all depends on him. “If I want to become a player, he will do whatever he wants – be it a doctor or another profession. The main thing is to think that he is the best,” added Ronaldo.

Recall that Cristiano Ronaldo was named the best player of the 21st century by the version of Globe Soccer yesterday. He was supported by most of the fans in the poll.