The main match of the 17th round in Bundesliga were played between Bayer and Dortmund. Leverkusen hosted Dortmund and the match was perfect. Bayer won the game and won by just one goal difference.

Bosz’s decision to play attacking football

Main coach of the Bayer team decided to play attacking football against Dortmund. The team started with a very interesting line-up. Formation was very good 4-3-3 and wingers were very fast yesterday. Diaby and Bailey played on the wings. On the other side Dortmund was also ready for the attacking football. Erling Haaland played from the very first minute. He was playing along with Sancho and Brandt. Marco Reus was playing a little bit deep but still helping the attacking line players. Reus was the main connection between midfield and attacking line.

Three goals and only one winner

Bayer Leverkusen opened the score-line in the first half. Bailey did his best during the counter-attack and went through two defenders. He gave a pass to Diaby and the winger scored a goal. Diaby gave a lead to Bayer and after that Leverkusen felt more confident. In the first half, Bayer played dominantly and fans were waiting for the big difference in goals. In the second half, Dortmund could equalise. Brandt scored a goal in the 67th minute and gave a chance to the team to play for three points. Borussia Borussia started playing more aggressively but unfortunately to the fans, they could not defend well during the attacks. In the end, Bayer could break the defensive line of Dortmund once again. After the pass from Diaby, Wirtz scored a goal. Leverkusen won the game and took important three points.