What we have witnessed at Signal Iduna Park was just unbelievable. Dortmund scored three goals in the second half and had a perfect comeback after the first half defeat.

Pre-match preparations

Dortmund lost a crucial match in the last round. Favre’s players could not keep up with Bayern in Munich and conceded four goals. Jayden Sancho and teammates could not even shot on target twice.

After a disaster loss in Munich, Marco Reus and other players were very disappointed. Marco Reus posted on social networks and asked fans for forgiveness. Reus promised to play better football in the next rounds. What is the next round? Reus and his teammates could not win the easy match against the last team of Bundesliga.

Paderborn is the worst of Bundesliga by far. Before Friday, Paderborn had only one win (against Dusseldorf) and one draw. Overall, Paderborn had only four points in eleven matches. Experts believed that event at Signal Iduna Park had to be very easy for Dortmund – they were wrong.

1st half of the game

Paderborn’s forward, Mamba has a perfect match. Forward scored two goals and had five successful dribbles against Dortmund defenders.

Mamba opened the score no 5th minute. Paderborn could believe in their skill, and the team was able to score two more goals before the whistle of the referee. Mamba scored his second goal in the 37th minute and increased the lead. Holtmann was also successful, and by the end of the first half, Paderborn was leading with three goals.

2nd half of the match

After the match, Favre said that it was the worst first half from Dortmund by far. Dortmund players could not even shot on target successfully in the first 45 minutes.

Everything changed in the second half. Dortmund decided to score goals from the very first minutes of the second half. After Hakimi’s assist, Jayden Sancho scored a beautiful goal in the 47th minute. Hakimi and Jayden had a perfect second half as they dominated the midfield of Paderborn.

Axel Witsel scored a header on 84th minute and gave Dortmund a chance for a comeback. The last six minutes of the match was very tough for Paderborn. Dortmund was crossing the ball in the penalty area, and it was very tough for defenders to fight against Reus, Witsel, Sancho, and Hakimi.

After Jayden’s assist, Marco Reus scored a beautiful header on 91st minute. Signal Iduna Park cheered players in yellow to score the fourth goal and get three points. Favre’s players decided to attack again, but they could not score more goals.