FIFA President talked about the situation in the world because of Coronavirus. According to Infantino, leagues should not be renewed until the situation is safe.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino has said that it is not worth rushing to renew the football championships until the situation in the world due to the Coronavirus pandemic becomes safe.

Recall that due to the pandemic, virtually all football tournaments in the world have been suspended or postponed. The only exception in Europe is the Belarusian championship, where they still play.

“Our main priority, the principle that underpins our competitions and which we call for protection, is health, that comes first.

No match, tournament, or league is worth the price of human life. This should be well understood by all. Updating competitions until the situation is one hundred percent safe is more than irresponsibility. If we have to wait a while, we will have to do exactly that. Let’s wait a little longer for Jobs to risk it, “the media quoted Infantino as saying.


‘We will celebrate the end of this nightmare together.’


The Italian news agency ANSA has published an emotional letter from Gianni Infantino in which he addresses Italy.

“Football time will be back, and we will celebrate the end of this nightmare together. After the epidemic, the football world will be different. He will become more social and solidary, “Gianni wrote.

The 50-year-old Swiss, who has Italian roots, especially loves Italy: “My Italian heart hurts a lot because of the terrible suffering I see in Italy.”

The FIFA president called on Italians to heed the recommendations and praised all doctors and nurses who are fighting the epidemic in Italy. More than 100,000 cases of coronavirus infection have been reported in Italy. More than 13,000 people died, and about 17,000 recovered.