Inter will soon change the official name and logo. The new logo of the Milan team is very similar to the Juventus logo.

Milan Inter changes both the name and the logo. According to ‘Gazzetta Dello Sport’, the club has already made a decision on rebranding and the news will come into force on March 9.

Currently, it is officially the name of the Milan Grand – International, and soon the name of the club will be Inter Milan (Inter Milano). Will change, the logo, which will be built on only two letters I and M. When you see this logo, you will have only one association in mind – the Juventus logo! The Turin Grand rebranded in 2017 and left the only letter in the logo – J.

Giorgio Mujiani created the still-functioning Inter logo in 1908, and it has undergone a transformation over the years. But it has never lost its original appearance. However, now it is time for changes in “Nerazzurri”.

Recall that Inter Milan defeated Juventus Turin 2: 0 on Sunday. ‘Nerazzurri’ was able to win with Juve for the first time since 2016, and for the first time since 2010, they did not concede a goal.