As you know, Inter lost against ten-man Bologna, and Conte was furious after the match. After another defeat he questioned the future of himself and the players at the Milan club.

Inter have suffered another unexplained defeat in the last round. Antonio Conte’s side were beating Bologna 1-0, and the opponent was 10 men when Lautaro Martinez missed the penalty. Bologna’s equalizer followed this in the interval of a few minutes. After that, Baston was sent off the pitch, followed by Bologna’s second goal.

After this defeat, Inter not only lost their championship chances, but fourth-placed Atalanta was already close with a one-point difference. Inter have already lost 18 points this season in the games where they were initially winning.

After the match, Conte was locked in his dressing room with his team for an hour, and only then did he come out to the press conference.

Conte: “It’s clear what happened. It’s not worth talking about. First of all, we all have to take responsibility as a coach and then the players who were on the pitch. Today we gave Bologna a game, and this is not the first time this season. It is unexplained why the unscored penalty affected us so much? ”

Conte also spoke about the future prospects of Inter and noted that players, as well as himself, may have to leave the team with such a game.

Conte: “From now until the end of the season, we all need to prove whether we deserve to be at Inter. It’s about the coach and all the players. Are we the right coach and players for this project ?! Can we even win ?! If the players have even 1% of the anger I have now in my veins, then it’s good to start. ”

Inter is very volatile after the renewal of the championship. The team lost points to Sassuolo and Bologna and conceded the cup semi-final.