Inter Milan and AC Milan have revealed the two shortlisted projects for their proposed new stadium. Afterwards, this would see the demolition of the iconic San Siro.

At a presentation at Milan’s Politecnico University on Thursday, the two architectural firms, Populous and Manica-Cmr Sportium revealed their plans.

In collaboration with the clubs, the city council will decide whether to give a green light to one of the proposed designs. It could also opt to renovate the existing stadium.

The new stadium is expected to cost £577m and take three years to build. The clubs also plan to consult fans about these proposals.

Both projects will bring supporters closer to the pitch. Additionally, the two designs will include references to the old stadium so that the history of the original San Siro is not forgotten.

These designs would see the old pitch preserved and a park for the whole city.

Populous plans to put a museum on the site of the old field with the entrance where the center circle was.

The Italo-American firm Manica’s project includes two rings interlocked with panels of individual fan’s faces on the exterior.

Manica’s project include two museums and two large stores dedicated to Inter and Milan.


Popoulos proposal states during Inter matches, blue light will be visible around the supporting structure of the stadium.

The stadium designed by Populous, an American film has echoes of famous Milan sites. It includes the Duomo and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II and incorporates a gallery covered by glass.

Both Milan clubs opted against renovating the San Siro as it would have cost an estimated £452m which meant a loss of £102m in revenue during construction and takes five to six years to complete.