According to Serbian media reports, the Real Madrid striker Luka Jovic broke the rules of self-isolation and arrived at his girlfriend’s birthday party. That’s why Serbia’s interior minister and prime minister criticized him.

The Serbian prime ministers accused the 22-year-old striker of violating the rules of self-isolation.

Milan Jovic, a father of Real Madrid striker Luka Jovic, commented on the player’s return from Madrid to Serbia.

“Luka did the test twice, and in both cases, the answer was negative. He didn’t know he had no right to leave Spain. But they would make him a real criminal. If his place is in jail, please put him in prison. But only if he is guilty.

After returning to Belgrade, Luka has not left home. The photos, which were released in the media, were taken in Spain several months ago. Luka returned to his homeland to be with his family. Our family supports him. And we believe it was just a misunderstanding.” – Milan Jovic told

Recall that after the confirmation of COVID 19 with a member of the Real Madrid basketball team, Real’s football players were also quarantined along with the basketball players.


Luka Jovic: Real gave me the right to return to Serbia


Luka Jovic responded to the criticism:

“It is unfortunate that I have been the main topic of discussion in recent days. Now is a difficult time in our lives, especially for doctors.

Fortunately, Coronavirus was not confirmed. So, Real allowed me to return to Serbia to stay close to my family and country. After returning home, I took another test, and the answer was no again.

I apologize instead to people who fail to do their job properly and report wrong information about me. We can do everything together. “- The player wrote on Instagram.


Recall that a Real Madrid player was spotted on the streets of Belgrade and accused of violating quarantine rules. Concerning this fact, Serbian Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic said all were equal before the law. He also added that his ministry was investigating several cases involving prominent athletes.