Barcelona legend Xavi Hernandez talked about some interesting and topical issues during an interview with YouTuber DzMariio.

Lautaro Martinez


“I like Lautaro Martinez. He takes care of himself well. He spreads the game, and he finds spaces, including a small space. Barcelona are doing the right thing when they are interested in him.”



Neymar’s return? Why not. In terms of sports, I do not doubt it. From the time I spent with him in the dressing room, I concluded that he was such a good person.

He was a professional and made a difference between teams on the pitch. Then comes the social and bureaucratic details that I don’t want to get involved with. On the pitch, Neymar is one of the top five players in the world. ”


Coaching of Barcelona

“When I got a taste of coaching, I realized I could. Returning to Barcelona is a dream. I have said many times that Barcelona is my home, my life.

In Qatar, as a coach, I learn a lot. Of course, coaching Barcelona is great. You have to be sure that you are finally ready. It’s an ongoing process, and I hope to come back one day.”

“Barcelona” in La Liga and the Champions League


I consider “Barcelona” to be the favorite in La Liga. The situation is different in the Champions League. “Barca” won this tournament when it was much stronger than the others. “Barcelona” does not have the historical luck that others have. “Blaugrana” should be dominant.

Not only Real Madrid, but other teams are also lucky. “Barcelona” was once fortunate, at “Stamford Bridge,” with 10 men when Iniesta scored. That is the justification. Other teams can be fifth, fourth, or sixth in the league and still win the Champions League. ”


Playing style


“When my team has the ball, I’m calm. I prefer my players to have the ball, but not just to own the ball, but to go on the attack. I love it when the team plays high pressure.”