Here is a new episode of the “Off the pitch”. Dana is back with a new episode and she will talk about the latest news in the football world.

Isco may join Everton?

James Rodriguez joined Everton this summer. Real Madrid sold the number 10 because he wanted to leave. In Everton, James has another level of consistency. He played well in every match and scored/gave assists. Carlo Ancelotti is happy with the form of James Rodriguez. Italian coach also said that Real Madrid can’t use many players properly as they have too many good players. James found himself in Everton and he started his career in a new standpoint. 

Isco could follow the footsteps of James. Spanish midfielder was the favorite player of Carlo Ancelotti. He may ask Everton’s officials to bid for Isco in winter. Spanish journalists believe that Isco has a bad relationship with Zidane. Even the cameras caught him saying that Zidane is not giving him chances. Isco played on Saturday against Huesca. Midfielder played for 20 minutes and he had a good performance. 

Andrea Pirlo won the Golden Tapir

You may be confused now. What was the name of the award? It’s the Golden Tapir. Italians give the award to someone who just embarrassed himself during the weekend or midweek. As you may know, Pirlo lost the match against Barcelona. The Catalonian team that lost a big match against Los Blancos and then could not win against Alaves, just won the game against Juventus. Fans were not happy with Pirlo’s decisions. Pirlo said that he is not afraid of this kind of award. He will try to improve every week. Pirlo’s favorite player is back and scored two goals this saturday. Cristiano Ronaldo could not play as he was tested positive for covid. He was out for three weeks. On Saturday, he played for 30 minutes and scored two goals. CR7 is ready for Champions League, it will be his first match this season in this tournament. 

Downfall of Barcelona?

Financial crisis in the team and footballers can’t perform well. That is a very short-list of stuff that’s going on in Barcelona. Team lost very important matches, especially in the last four La Liga games. Financial experts believe that Barcelona will have a big shock in 2021. It’s the time when the team has to start paying the loans taken from the World Bank and Central Bank. Financial crisis along with playing badly in Spanish league, it could turn to downfall.

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