The season has just started, and Real Madrid players have serious problems with health. There were only two tours in the Primera Division, and Whites already got ten players injured.

Isco was the latest player to pick up an injury during a training session on Thursday. Alarcon joined a significant number of players who were injured during the training seasons. Almost none of his teammates got an injury during a football match this season. There was the only exception – Asensio got ACL injury.

Diaz, Asensio, Jovic, Courtois, Hazard, James, Mendy, Rodrygo and Isco – that’s the list of injured players from Real Madrid. Zinedine could make an exceptional team only from injured players who could conquer La Liga.

“The effect” of new fitness coach

Real Madrid changed fitness coach this summer. As we know, Pintus was responsible for White’s fantastic fitness conditions while winning three consecutive Champions Leagues. Gregory Dupont replaced Pintus as Zidane wanted a chance after a disagreement with Pintus.

Experts agree on one thing – pre-season is essential for fitness conditions. Flying through different time-zones and visiting different countries every few days, is not suitable for any player. Real Madrid had a summer tour in Canada, the United States and Germany.

Real Madrid is topping the list of Primera’s most injured club. None of those 19 clubs can compare to Lose Meringues with the number of injured players.

Barcelona needs help from new signings

Everyone stunned about Messi’s health problems. He could not help Barcelona for first two matches in La Liga. Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez and Usman Dembele picked up in injury during the game against Athletic Bilbao. So, Barcelona requires help for new faces such as Griezmann and De Jong.

Surprisingly Atletico is in good shape

Atletico players feel good currently because, from the whole squad, only two players picked up an injury. Morata got a muscular injury during the last away game in La Liga. Meanwhile, Diego Costa got health problems before the start of the season. As we know, Simeone has a very strict and intensive pre-season every summer, so it was surprising for everyone that most of the squad survived without any health problems. As of now, Morata could be out for a few games in Primera, while Diego Costa is fully ready for the clash against Eibar on Sunday.

Sevilla is ready for tournament without any serious problems.

FC Sevilla is in the best position. After a long and intensive summer, only one player picked up in injury and Julen’s team is fully ready for the La Liga race.