Isco Alarcon may leave Real Madrid in January 2021. Marca exclusively wrote about Isco’s final decision – he wants to leave Los Blancos.

What happened with a ‘perfect’ Isco?

As you may know, Isco won more than 15 trophies with Real MAdrid. He joined Los Blancos in 2014 and since then he is winning trophies almost every season. He started playing at Real Madrid under Carlo Ancelotti. He was unstoppable for three-four years. In the last three years Isco is not recognisable. Experts believe that Isco is not enjoying playing football anymore. Isco went for a few injuries and it affected negatively on the player.

Contract with Real Madrid

Isco has a contract with Real Madrid until 2022. Marca journalists believe that Zidane already talked with Isco. The spanish player asked Zidane for regular playing time which is impossible at Los Blancos. Zidane does not have an exact starting line-up that he is playing every week. Especially during the times of pandemic and covid outbreak. Zidane is the fan of squad rotation, so that’s why Isco won’t have a non-replaceable spot in the line-up.

Pros and Cons of leaving Real Madrid

First of all, Isco already weighed the pros and cons of leaving Madrid. If he stays at Real Madrid, the national team won’t call him up for more international duties. Isco loves playing for Spain. He was the main star back in 2018 when playing every match from the starting line-up. Even the game against Italy at Bernabeu was a shining moment for his ‘national duty’ career. If he leaves Real Madrid then he has to change the city and adapt to new people, weather, cuisine, etc. Carlo Ancelotti is interested in him and Everton is preparing a bid. Experts noted that the bid could go up to $20 million, so Los Blancos is waiting for it. Carlo already signed James from Los Merengues and it’s visible that Colombian is enjoying playing for Everton.