The Italian Football Championship may continue in one city. The Italian Football Federation is considering holding all the remaining matches only in Rome.

Until then, however, all players and staff will have to go through the procedures set out in the new protocol.

“One of the versions we are discussing is the refusal to hold matches in northern Italy,” said Gabriele Gravina, president of the federation. As you know, in Italy Coronavirus is mostly spread in northern Italy – in Milan, Bergamo, and Turin.


Phases of the protocol of Serie A season renewal


The Italian Football Federation has also released a protocol for the renewal of the season, which includes three phases.

In the first phase, all players, coaches, and club staff must pass the Coronavirus test. If the virus is not detected to anyone, it will be possible to move on to the second phase.

The second phase involves placing teams and staff at quarantine bases – without any social contact with other people. Therefore, they should resume training – but in small groups. All the places where they will gather must be disinfected beforehand. After some time, normal exercise should be resumed at full load.

The matches should start in the third phase – obviously, without spectators. Of course, priority will be given to Serie A. Then Serie B and Serie C will be renewed as well. The referees will also have to pass all these phases.