Barca’s Croatian midfielder, Ivan Rakitic, admits that he will probably leave Camp Nou. Once, he had already been linked to Serie A clubs like Juventus and Inter Milan before the January Transfer window closed.

At the same time, PL giants Manchester Utd and Ligue 1’s PSG were also highly interested in signing with the midfielder. According to some rumors, at the beginning of the season, Barca offered Rakitic to the Parisians in exchange for Neymar. But that deal failed.


Rakitic would like to play with Ronaldo


Ivan Rakitic has enjoyed playing along with Messi. But Barcelona’s midfielder continues having contact with Juventus. It seems he is eager to play with his Ballon d’Or winner rival. When some reporters asked Rakitic about his probable transfer to the Old Lady, 31-years-old stated that he is of course open for this opportunity.

Rakitic said that Ronaldo is “one of the greatest players in football history”.

The Croatian is now playing in Barca with six-time golden ball winner, Messi. Racitic admits Messi is the greatest player of all time. He enjoys playing with Messi, as Rakitic declares the Argentine forward as “the best of all time”. Playing with Messi for six years must be incredible experience.


Once Ivan Rakitic even said that he would be also happy to have Neymar in his team and if Brazilian comes back to Barca, everyone would feel satisfied.

Noteworthy, Neymar’s return at Camp Nou is frequently a main subject of discussions. You may already know that the Brazilian recently expresses his nostalgic attitude against Barca. His former club also seems to be eager to his return. And everyone in Barcelona, including Ivan Rakitic are ready to welcome him. So the deal will be easily confirmed, as soon as Barcelona names a decent amount of money for the Brazilian forward. Obviously, PSG will not devote Neymar without a significant financial interest.