In 2019-2020, Sancho enjoyed another high season with BVB, continuing his meteoric rise to fame at the top of Germany.

Sancho feels the “pressure”

According to Thomas Delaney, Jadon Sancho feels the “pressure” of expectations at Borussia Dortmund. In 2019-2020, Sancho enjoyed another high season with BVB, continuing his meteoric rise to fame at the top of Germany. The 19-year-old brought an impressive 17 goals and 20 assists to Dortmund’s affair throughout the competition, which attracted several high-profile potential fans. Manchester United and Bayern Munich are among those who are closely connected with Sancho’s services on the eve of the summer transfer window. So it was also reported that the teenage winger is already valued at over €100 million (£90 million/$111 million).

He’s one of the greatest talents Delaney have played with

However, the Dortmund star has not yet begun a forced break in the campaign on the side of Lucien Favre after the resumption of the Bundesliga season after the coronavirus. Questions are asked about Sancho’s fitness level, and Delaney admits that his talented colleague is struggling with constant speculation about his future. “One of the greatest talents I’ve played with,” Delaney told reporters. “With this talent comes a lot of pressure. And I think that he is slowly starting to feel that from the England team and the clubs surrounding him. He was a talent that performed very well until that moment. Speaking better than what he should do, but there was always the next step, and that’s going to be interesting. Next level in his career and development.”

Sancho is only 19 years old and has the most goals in league with Werner and Lewandowski

“Just by looking at his skills, he has what it takes to become one of the five largest players in the world. You see, great talents go to waste, and I would say that he has already done enough to prove himself”. Nineteen years old, and he has the most goals in league with Timo Werner and Robert Lewandowski. Which is surprising, but he should strive for more”. Further, Delaney praised Erling Haaland and Giovanni Reyna. Two more young people who have had a significant impact since arriving at Dortmund. “I see a young Haaland man who is doing everything to improve,” added BVB midfielder. “This guy is annoying sometimes because everything needs to be in place with more training and better food.


I think it is beneficial for him to have people around him, especially his father, who knows how everything works in football. With Erling, I don’t even need to mention the stats.

“With Gio as well, just coming in, an American kid last year, traveled back and forth a lot and still has his breakthrough, but he is a player you can expect more from him because he’s on a level in training.”