James Rodriguez is given very little playing time at Real Madrid. So, the Colombian cannot fully reveal the possibilities.

James Rodriguez is still worried about his lack of playing time in Real Madrid. Madrid head coach Zinedine Zidane does not let the Colombian to play often and gives very little time for his appearance.

Due to the lack of play, there are rumors that the 28-year-old player wants to leave Real Madrid. The name of the Colombian is associated with several teams. It is actively written about the interest of Manchester United in James.

James was asked why he played a little and why he was not given time to show himself. Rodriguez noted that he does not know this himself, and in such a short playing time, he does not fully realize his potential.

“Why don’t I play? It’s a good question. Even I want to know that. When you win important titles with players you trust when you have a core, then it’s hard to change that. It’s also hard when a coach doesn’t give you playing time. It’s hard to show your abilities in a few minutes. You can’t do everything you know at this time, ” James said.