Former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher claims he’s not expecting to see Christian Pulisic reach Eden Hazard’s level at Chelsea.


Carragher, who is a big fan of Pulisic, has made a bold claim on the American attacker. Despite Pulisic’s sensational form against Real Madrid on Tuesday, the former Red believes Pulisic will not match Hazard.

“I’m a big fan but I don’t think he’ll get to the level of Eden Hazard. Apologies, he won’t,” Carragher claimed.

“Eden Hazard was the best player in the Premier League for four years and Belgian finished third in the World Cup [in 2018]. He was the best player in the tournament – that is the level we are talking about with Hazard.

“This is not me knocking Pulisic; it might look that on social media after the show from certain people. But I think we forget how good Hazard was,” he explained.

Carragher continued, “He was my favorite player in the Premier League. And for Pulisic to get there and to light up a major tournament for the US will be difficult.

“Yes, I think he can have a brilliant career and he has a lot of potential but I don’t see him getting to that level.”

Meanwhile, Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel has admitted he is angry at Timo Werner’s performance in front of the goal.

“He missed a big one at West Ham and now he’s missed a big one here (Champions League). That does not help,” Tuchel admits.

“But it doesn’t help to cry about it or regretting it all the time,” he said.

Tuchel continued to say that in football no one cares tomorrow. He said, “Tomorrow he has a free day, and the next day he must put his chin up. He’s a top guy, a professional guy. He works hard. He’s in the positions.”

“He will not stop believing. Everyone accepts the situation like it is. With strikers, if you score the next game, nobody speaks.”