Jamie Carragher: “I think there’s a bit of a worry, not for the league, the league’s won. It’s actually is the league enough for Liverpool?”

The Reds already won several titles

Liverpool almost reaches the title of the Premier League. Still, club legend Jamie Carragher wonders if from that moment one piece of the trophy will be enough, from this tip given what Liverpool have already achieved. The side of Jurgen Klopp this season has already gotten his hands on several awards: the UEFA Super Cup and the Club World Cup added to the excellent collection. It is only a question of time before the first flight crown in 30 years is wrapped up, despite the unwanted setback that suffered in Liverpool’s last outing against Watford. Jamie believes that the Reds will want even more before the campaign comes out, as they remain in the hunt for the honours of the Champions League and FA Cup, while it is essential to make the most of the dominant periods when they used.

Such a season that Klopp does not feel enough

The Reds legend told reporters: “I think there is something of a concern – not for the League, the League won – is this really the League enough for Liverpool this season? “The League feels that it won for two or three months. I know Jürgen Klopp would not say that, but it is almost felt when you had such a season that he does not feel enough, you still want one of the cups, be then the FA Cup or the Champions League. “Concern is now Chelsea in the middle of the week, and next – Atletico de Madrid. If Liverpool withdraws from both cup competitions, it will not be a raw squid, because they have waited so long to win the trophy, but there will be a slight tint of how good this team is, the results they had, they probably should win more this season.”

The game against Watford was very poor

Over the past weeks, Liverpool has hesitated a bit, and Klopp’s side has not been as convincing since returning from his winter break as before. Still, Jamie believes the dynamics will re-establish after Watford ended in defeat 3-0 in the 44th game of the unbeaten League. He added: “They had anxiety after the break, they don’t shoot at all the cylinders, and these cup tournaments come when they’re not quite 100 percent.” It did not lose, it was a manner of the defeat. It was very poor. And for the squad at the top of the League, losing to the second low is usually not very common.

Klopp will excite by the performance

“People continue to talk about Liverpool on the defensive, and they were inferior, but they never looked like a goal in the game. And it was so amazing.” But Watford thoroughly earned the result and was well worth 3-0. The performance will excite Jurgen Klopp more than the outcome. There is a lot to rejoice with Mr. Neville, drinking champagne and taking too much away, as you expected. Still, Arsenal fans are also delighted because it saves the unbeatables record.”But the trophy has been won for a couple of months, and it’s precisely when Liverpool was going to secure it. There was a lot of desire from Liverpool fans that he would be at Goodison Park in a couple of weeks, but the outcome on Saturday puts it to sleep now, and he may have to wait until Manchester City game.”