Manchester United on loan Jesse Lingard has opened up on his life at Old Trafford and West Ham United loan move.


Lingard has moved to West Ham where he has found his foot again. He has rejuvenated himself to earn a surprised England call-up. Lingard left Old Trafford on loan and linked up with former United manager David Moyes.

Lingard received a surprising call from England’s coach Gareth Southgate and has opened up about his loan move. He said he ‘deserved to be playing’ and that led to his January exit.

He said he watched old clips of himself to rediscover his passion for the sport.  Lingard says he didn’t ‘give up’ during a ‘difficult’ spell in his career.

“It was a tough period building up to the loan. I felt like I deserved to be playing for United but obviously I knew in myself I had to go on loan,” Lingard said.

“So there was a range of emotions, I was going through all sorts. So just to get it over the line and sign the papers was a good feeling,” Lingard who has impressed said.

He reveals he just believed in himself and that has paid off. “I think you just have to believe in yourself and believe in your ability. It would have been quite easy for me to give up and fall off,” he added.

“At the time it was hard. You train all week, building up to the game and then not getting picked is difficult for any player.

“There was a time in lockdown when I just looked back at some old England games. And games that I played well in for United, just to get the fire in my belly again. ‘Since coming here I’ve had targets written down on a board and until I hit them, I won’t be fulfilled,” Lingard revealed.