A 19-year-old Portuguese striker, Joao Felix still have Benfica Lisbon in his heart and his shins. Joao was signed to Atletico Madrid this summer for £113m.


The lad, Joao made his Benfica debut last season with 15 goals and 9 assists. Joao played a key role in ensuring that the Lisbon-based football club wins the Portuguese Primera Liga title.

Joao’s Debut

The last season was fair enough to earn the sensational striker good money to move to Spanish Atletico Madrid. Joao has already made a perfect entry to Wanda Metropolitano with his incredible performance on the pitch. He is surely going to be liked by the fans.

However, Joao Felix has clearly shown how he still values the Primera Liga champions by putting on Benfica shinnies.  He shows big love to the club that gives him a major breakthrough in his football career.

Shin Pads Sometimes Convey Messages

A shin pad can be more than we might think as football fans. In Russia 2018 world cup, Paul Pogba used his shin pad to pay tribute to his late father who died the previous year.

Therefore, Joao’s shin pad might have the meaning more than we see. Celebrities also have a privilege to celebrate their loved ones or good moments as we also celebrate them.

These shin pads might really mean a lot. Former Chelsea captain, John Terry wore the one lucky pair for one decade of his career before he lost them during 2004 champions league round of 16 matche against Barcelona.

“Those shin pads were with me every time I was in the game – and I’d lost them. I really felt terrible because they were a big part of my routine,” he said.

Joao’s reasons for wearing his shin pad even after joining Atletico Madrid remains his own secret. Meanwhile, we can assume that the pads are his lucky pair for showcasing his exclusive skills in the pitch. Rather, the lad might still be paying respect for his ex-Lisbon club.

Shin pads are also divisive as some players like while others do not. Some use them for their own greatness while the  others use them to carry a strong message. However, every time these shin pads must be conveying a certain message about the wearer.

Thanks for being part of this discussion. Let us wait to see how Joao is going to rock La Liga this season.