In a very exclusive interview, Gareth Bale’s agent said essential things about Real Madrid. As it seems, Bale has a very close relationship with the agent and president of Real Madrid.

Gareth Bale’s situation in Madrid

Jonathan believes that Gareth has a charming period of life in Madrid. Agent says that Bale is happy with the current situation, and he is in love with the club. Everyone can mean different things, but Bale adores Real Madrid from early childhood.

Barnett noted that Gareth loves Madrid also. The lifestyle and community of Madrid are very acceptable for Welshman. At the same time, Jonathan Barnett admitted that Bale wants to play for Real Madrid for a very long time.

Biggest offer from China

Jonathan Barnett admitted that there was a fascinating offer from a Chinese club. The agent said that Gareth Bale wanted to continue a career in China. There was a huge offer from the Chinese Super League club. It was the most significant offer Gareth has ever received. Jonathan noted that Bale could become the highest-paid footballer on earth. It was impossible to decline the offer, and Gareth Bale was ready to join the Chinese League. Real Madrid was the one that declined the offer and decided not to sell him in summer.

Gareth Bale wanted to create a legacy in China. He would be the most significant player who ever played in China, and it would be definitive for Welshman. It was a substantial offer for him, but Real Madrid declined the offer, and the team has saved players for this season.

Can Bale speak Spanish fluently?

It’s the most common question about Gareth Bale. With a smile on the face, Jonathan said that Gareth speaks perfect English. The agent said that two days ago he was in Spain meeting with players in the Spanish branch of the company. Jonathan noted that Saul from Atletico Madrid was in the office when Gareth arrived. Both players had to wait for an agent for a few minutes, so they spoke fluent Spanish with each other. Jonathan Barnett said that journalists and fans write lies about Bale’s Spanish. The player speaks perfect Spanish, and it’s visible whoever he meets in Madrid.