Any mistake or lapse in concentration can cost you. Like I say, we’re really disappointed. We’ve got to use it to react in the right way.

We want to “Finish Strong”

Jordan Henderson wants Liverpool to “finish strong” for the remainder of their 2019-20 campaign, with attention shifting to date for the Everton derby as he entered the Champions League. The Reds lost control of the European crown as they slipped to the agonizing unscheduled defeat at the hands of Atletico Madrid.” The side of Jurgen Klopp turned this draw on his head when Roberto Firmino’s first goal of the season Anfield gave them a ticket 2-0 at night. Exciting battle from Atletico, who was helped by some doubts, real goalkeepers from Adriano ultimately left Liverpool empty-handed. Now the Premier League leaders should focus on breaking the line in domestic competition as quickly as possible, aiming for the first league crown in 30 years, and Henderson wants continental frustration to shake from the system.

The team put everything in the game

Liverpool skipper told reporters about the depressing evening against Atlético and the upcoming walk at Goodison Park on Monday: “Obviously, we are disappointed. I thought the whole performance was excellent, the intensity and everything that we talked about before the game. We put in everything is in the game, and we are bitterly disappointed. “We will be disappointed with the goals we lost, but if we look at the performance, then we will be happy with the significant parts of the game – but we are disappointed with the goals we lost. “With the place we were in and to concede the goals that we did, they are not like us, so this is very disappointing, but we have to take him to the chin.”

“Jan Oblak made several big salvations, but we created so many chances to score and, obviously, just could not find the third goal to kill the game.” But listen, the guys gave everything. As we every time do, we left everything on the pitch, but, unfortunately, we could not get the result that we wanted. “Today and tomorrow, it will not be pleasant, but we must use it and respond correctly and end the season well.” We have the next derby, which is an excellent game for us. It is what the focus should turn to very quickly, because this is a big game, and we will continue to take its game for the game until the end of the season. We want to finish it a lot.


“Liverpool has added UEFA Super Cup and Club World Cup trophies this season, but has hesitated a bit lately and is threatening to stumble towards the finish post.