Jordi Alba was examined by the medical team. Barca’s meds believe that Jordi has serious issues regarding the muscle tear. Jordi will miss the first El Clasico of the season.

Jordi injured in the match against Sevilla

As you may know, Barcelona drew against Sevilla. The match was played on Sunday night. Jordi got the injury during the game. After The match, Jordi’s first question was regarding El Clasico and his chance to play that match. At first glance, the medical team gave him green light. 

On Monday, Barca’s medical team did an in-depth examination of his muscle and everything got worse. As it seems, Jordi Alba has a tear in the bicep femoris in his right leg. It’s likely that Jordi misses the first Clasico. Medical team believes that it will take 3 weeks for Jordi to recover and another week to return to the training ground. First El Clasico of the season will be played on the 25th of this month. In just three days after the Clasico, Barcelona will go to Turin to play against Cristiano Ronado and co.

Jordi Alba has a bad history with hamstring injury

Spanish full-back is well-known for his hamstring injury. In the past he already had few injuries related to his hamstring. It’s not surprising that Jordi had injuries in both, right and left legs. 

Medical team is waiting for another examination to be done on Tuesday midday. Jordi is waiting for positive results but meds are still not sure about it. Jordi may want to rush the recovery as he wants to be ready for El Clasico. It’s believed that he must not rush the recovery because it may lead to relapse. If the player has a long-history with hamstring injury, then he must not rush recovery to avoid relapse.