Jorginho has revealed that he intends to return to Napoli one day, but Italy’s international insists that Chelsea will continue to receive full commitment for the foreseeable future.

Jorginho’s attention is all on Chelsea

The 29-year-old midfielder, who secured the transition to Stamford Bridge in the summer of 2018, has never hidden that he would like to repeat his steps in Naples. The move remains part of his long-term plans, as the Brazil-born star longs to return to his familiar surroundings before the day comes to hang up his shoes.

Jorginho about a potential return to Napoli, noted that he had a wonderful experience and he loves the city and the fans very much and now, he does not think about it, because his concentration is all on Chelsea, but if there is an opportunity, one day to return, of course , he would like.

Jorginho contract term

The midfielder is tied to Chelsea until the summer of 2023. It will take a lot of money to free him from this agreement, and a prominent role in Tuchel’s plans in west London. Maybe Jorginho allows his deal to fall through before returning to Italy on a free agent.

While Jorginho has a lot to do with his thoughts for the club and the country. Further talk about the second period in Napoli can wait, and the main silver items can be driven down.

Chelsea is in the process of trying to tie a top four finish in the Premier League, while also making positive progress towards the Champions League quarterfinals and the FA Cup semi-finals. As soon as the internal campaign comes to an end, Jorginho is ready to head to the European Championship with Italy.

When asked if he would do better in the final of that competition or get hit on the glory of the Champions League, Jorginho replied that it was impossible to choose. Of course, he would have taken both. Chelsea established a 2-0 lead over Porto in the first leg of their continental clash, while the Azzurri are set to face Turkey, Wales and Switzerland in the group stage of the Euro brought back this summer.