Former Manchester United midfielder, Ander Herrera defends Jose Mourinho after he was asked whether or not the manager “bullied player”.

The Portuguese tactician certainly had his moments at Old Trafford and for the most part, isn’t hated by most of the club’s fans.

Mourinho’s tenure at United came to an end under the most toxic of circumstances in the post-Sir Alex Ferguson era.

David Moyes’ time was chaotic, Louis van Gaal’s ended on a high note with the FA Cup win, but the new Tottenham manager’s reign came crashing down with Old Trafford surrounded by negativity.

Fans almost fought during Mourinho’s time but Herrera has valiantly defended his former manager despite the criticism.

Mourinho didn’t get along with several key players at Manchester United by the end of his tenure, bumping heads with the likes of Paul Pogba and Anthony Martial.

Herrera described Jose Mourinho as a “beast” with people who aren’t “honest”.

While Herrera isn’t stating those particular two weren’t honest, the former Chelsea boss had to have had some “dishonest” players at United given the negative atmosphere at the club.

At one point, it seemed as though Mourinho didn’t trust any of his players and towards the end, was constantly chopping and changing his starting XI’s.

The Spaniard-who joined PSG as a free agent last summer played under Mourinho throughout his tenure at Old Trafford between 2016 and 2018.

While Mourinho can often be a divisive figure with former players expressing either regret or admiration, Herrera was in the latter camp.

“I’ve only got words of thanks to him. The first was fantastic, winning three trophies and the fans chose me as the best player of the season”. Said Herrera.

“He’s got personality, yes. But if you’re upfront with him, work hard. Don’t hide and don’t try and mess him about. You won’t have any problem”.

“He’s a beast with people who aren’t honest.”