Bayern Munich will face PSG this evening. Joshua Kimmich met with the press before the game and motivated his teammates.

Bayern is better team

Kimmich said that Bayern is a better team than PSG. He noted that Parisians are really good at attacking but they have a very weak defensive line. That’s why Kimmich believes that Bayern can score many goals. Kimmich said that the squad worked very hard to keep up with the pace and now they are recovered. The Bayern Munich midfielder noted that squad players are fully fit and they will play good football in Paris.


How to stop attacking line of PSG

The midfielder said that PSG has a good attacking line. At the same time, the Bayern midfielder said that PSG’s attacking line had only three moments in the first game. Neymar and Mbappe used all three chances and that’s why people believe that PSG is unstoppable. Joshua has a different opinion – he said that Bayern Munich defense can stop PSG’s attacking line easily. The only problem will be the conversion of PSG’s attacker. Bayern’s midfielder noted that PSG has to be afraid of aggressive attacks of German club.


Lessons learned from Madrid case

Media representatives asked Joshua about the similar scenario. As you may know, Real Madrid won the away game against Bayern Munich in the first leg back in 2018. Bayern Munich was motivated but could not advance to the next level. Joshua said that team players know that case and they have recalled all the possible goal scoring chances. Kimmich said that squad players are ready to put 100% against PSG in Paris. At the same time, Joshua admitted that Bayern players learned all the lessons and mistakes they made back in 2018. Kimmich said that Hans had a very successful meeting with the squad to level up the winning spirit of the team. The German midfielder noted that every player on the pitch will be a leader. In absence of Robert Lewandowski, each player has to score a goal!