Julen Lopetegui met with the media on Friday afternoon. During the traditional pre-match conference, Julen answered many questions.

Home game against Huesca

Lopetegui started a press-conference with the statement about Huesca. The manager said that the team is trying to find a real key to winning against Huesca. Julen noted that it will not be easy for Sevilla’s player to open the doors of Huesca’s defense. Coach believes that playing against Huesca is very complex and difficult. He reminded journalists that Huesca can win matches against big teams, so they know how to play against Sevilla. Julen said that Huesca is fighting till death to get out of the relegation zone. That’s why playing against this type of teams is tough for Sevilla or any other giant clubs. Julie admitted that Huesca will have bigger motivation and they will fight until the end.

“Team” is the key-word

Julen Lopetegui said that he won’t talk about individual players. He knows only one thing – ‘TEAM’. Sevilla has to unite against Huesca. Getting three points against Huesca will light up the spirit of Sevilla’s players. That’s why Julen said that playing as a ‘team’ will take them far in both, Champions League and La liga.

Three points on the stake

Sevilla’s coach believes that taking three points against Huesca will be a big achievement. He said that this kind of match (against a team from relegation zone) is often known as the ‘easy three points’ games which is not correct in mind of Julen. He said that the most dangerous games are always against the team from the relegation zone because they fight until the death and meanwhile big teams may lack motivation. That’s why there are so many surprises in the football world when relegation zone teams defeat giant clubs. Sevilla has to be very careful in the defensive line. At the same time, the team has to work hard in the attacking line and score as many goals as possible.