Real Madrid won the match against Sevilla. Three goals were scored in the second half, while one goal was disallowed in the first half after the VAR check.

Julen Lopetegui’s position about the VAR

In the first half, Sevilla was playing well. The team was fully ready for the Bernabeu trip. Julen’s players could even score a goal in the first half that was overturned by the VAR. After the VAR check, main referee said that it was a fault in the penalty area of Courtois. VAR has overturned the goal of De Jong, and Julen was furious. After the first half, Julen was furious on the way to the dressing room. He was shouting “massive error,” and it was meant to official referees.

Sevilla’s sporting director went too far

There was another big moment for Sevilla’s second half. Before De Jong could score the goal, the ball hit the hand of Sevilla’s player. VAR was checking the moment for more than three minutes. They have even called the main referee to check the moment and decide the situation after that. The referee agreed that it was a clean play from Sevilla’s player, and De Jong’s goal was scored without breaking the rules.

Although Sevilla could tie the game on the 65th minute, Casemiro was there to score another goal. Overall, Zidane’s team won the match, and after the game, Monchi went too far. Monchi is the sporting director of Sevilla, and he said an exciting thing after the game.

What would be a reaction from La Liga officials about Monchi’s statement?

After the match, Monchi said that referees could not handle the job correctly. He said that if VAR has disallowed De Jong’s equalizer, then he would go down to the field and ask Sevilla players to leave Bernabeu. Monchi told me that he is not going to analyze the match from a tactical or strategic standpoint. The sporting director said that it was a vital moment of the game, and no tactical analysis would give him a better outcome.

Zidane’s advice to Monchi

Journalists asked Real Madrid’s coach about Monchi’s statement. French advised Monchi to calm down as he has significant authority in the football world, and he should not say anything about referees.