Dortmund played a match against Augsburg. It was an interesting game and Borussia scored three goals after conceding.

Interesting line-up from Terzic

Terzic keeps everyone in amaze. He is changing the starting line-up and mostly the strategy. On Saturday evening he played with a different strategy. Erling Haaland was the main striker as always. He chose Reyna to attack from the left side. He was one of the wingers on the pitch. Second winger was Jayden Sancho. He was attacking from the right side. Marco Reus connected midfield and attacking line. Reus was attacking from the deep to make sure everything goes smooth. Dortmund conceded a goal in the first minutes of the match. Julian Brandt said that the goal of Augsburg was out of context. Team was not attacking and suddenly, after the counter attack they could score a goal. In the end, Dortmund changed the game pace and situation on the pitch. Haaland missed the penalty but Borussia soon scored a goal. In the second half, Jayden Sancho gave a lead to Dortmund and soon the Augsburg player scored own goal. 

Julian Brandt was satisfied with the performance

After the game, midfielder of Dortmund midfielder said that Dortmund could play better in defense. He noted the goal of Augsburg was out of context. In spite of conceding the goal first, Dortmund did everything to win. Julian believes that the team is very strong and they will keep fighting until the end of the season. Brandt’s teammate, Akanji was also happy after the game. He said that the team scored three goals and it was enough for the win. At the same time, Akanji noted that the team was moving the ball very fast and it’s the best aspect of Terzic’s football.