As it seems, Real Madrid called Julian Nagelsmann in the summer of 2018. Zidane left Real Madrid by that time, and the team wanted a new face to coach the club.

Julian Nagelsmann rejected Real Madrid’s offer

Real Madrid’s president loves the experience of the very young coach. Julian is just 31 years old, but he is already a wanted coach of giant European clubs. Nagelsmann is the coach of Leipzig right now, and we see that he is working on players’ mentality.

Leipzig had two good seasons under Nagelsmann. This season could be life-changing for German coach as Leipzig has a big chance to win the Bundesliga trophy for the first time. It would be the first big trophy for Julian too.

Nagelsmann explained his reasons for rejection

Julian admitted that Real Madrid was very interested in him in the summer of 2018. The coach said that when Real Madrid called him, it was a big surprise because he was still very young and inexperienced. At the same time, Julian recalls the moment of a proud agent who wanted him to sign for Real Madrid.

Nagelsmann said that he thought a few days about Real Madrid’s offer. He had to weigh different things as it was all about his coaching career. Julian Nagelsmann believes that Real Madrid is the most significant step in the coaching world, so he wanted more time to think.

In the end, the German coach rejected because he was not sure of his experience. Julian believes in hard work and mentality, but in Real Madrid, he would not have enough time. The young coach said that regular clubs give a coach time for adaptation, implementing strategy, mentality, etc. It would be a different story with Real Madrid and local fans. Julian knows that even losing one match as a coach of Real Madrid could be his last game.

Julian Nagelsmann believes in his skills and experience, but it was very early for him to coach Real Madrid. The coach said that the language barrier was also the main reason for rejection. He is talking a lot with players, and the language barrier could be a serious problem.