Julian Nagelsmann met with the media before the game against Augsburg. Matchday 21 will be interesting for Leipzig and other teams.

Upcoming game against Augsburg

Nagelsmann said that Leipzig has to be afraid of Augsburg. He says that Leipzig’s opponents are really good in the defense and counter-attacks. Julian said that Augsburg’s players are hard-working on the pitch. Especially on Friday night, the team will try best to win against Augsburg. Julian noted that Augsburg has not won many matches in the last few weeks but the game against Leipzig could be an exception because they are full of motivation. Nagelsmann believes that Augsburg will play very compact in the midfield and defense. So, the distance between each player will be very short and it’s tough for the attacking team. Julian noted that the team will try their best to win and take three points against Augsburg.

Training in the cold weather

Julian smiled on the question regarding cold weather. He said that energy and team spirit has not changed but the weather is getting colder every day in Germany. Coach said that the management and coaching team has to dress a little warmer, because coaches move less than players during the training sessions. Overall, the coach said that team players are feeling more energetic in the cold weather.

The strength of the team

Nagelsmann said that team spirit is the biggest advantage of Leipzig. He noted that Leipzig players are feeling great and they have a winning mentality. Julian said that the team is very aggressive in the attacking line and at the same time in the defense system. Team is hungry to score, so it always comes from a winning mentality. Nagelsmann believes that Leipzig has a right balance in the attacking and defensive line. German coach wants to win the game against Augsburg and take another  three points.