Before the clash against Stuttgart, Leipzig’ coach gave a very honest interview. Leipzig coach is happy with the current situation and it was visible during the interview.

Nagelsmann about Kalajdzic 

The German coach said that the main forward of BFV is in a good form. German coach admitted that Leipzig’s defensive line has to work twice hard because they will face Kalajdzic. Nagelsmann said that Jalajdzic is keeping the ball perfectly and he can balance the attacking line. He can not only convert regular moments into goals but also help teammates to keep the balance of the game. 


Missed opportunities

Julian Nagelsmann said that team players are working very hard during the training. The coach of Leipzig said that in the last two weeks, they are working twice more on converting regular moments into goals. Leipzig’s coach said that they try to convert more shot into goals because that’s what matters in the end – if they score more goals, they will get better eventually.


Nagelsmann’s about new reform of Champions League

The coach of the Leipzig got a question about the new platform of the Champions League. Nagelsmann said that there are always two sides to the coin. On one hand, there will be more money from TV rights and translations. By that approach coaches, players and management of the team will get more salary and it’s really good because they can get better conditions of living. On the other hands, the new reform of the Champions League means that there will be many games compared to the current season. Nagelsmann said that it’s easy to spot that players have to perform in more games and it could be a serious problem in the long run. During the pandemic, players had to rest a little and have more games even twice a week which leads to serious injury issues across European football. If the players are injured, it will decrease the quality of football.