Julian Nagelsmann met with the journalists during the press-conference. German coach talked about many things – including an upcoming game against Freiburg.


Praising the opponent

Nagelsmann started a press-conference with the praise of an opponent. As you may know, Leipzig will play against Freiburg on Saturday evening. Julian said that Freiburg is a very good team. The coach admitted that Freiburg will play a very intense game and they will attack more than defend. Their performances against big teams are always perfect, so that’s why Julian knows that the Leipzig squad has to be ready for every scenario. Julian also noted that Christian Streich is a very smart person. The coach of Freiburg will do everything to make sure that game becomes interesting in every possible moment. Nagelsmann said that playing against the strategy of Christian is always interesting.


Intense game against Wolfsburg

Julian Nagelsmann said that the midweek game was very intense. As you may know, Leipzig won a game against Wolfsburg. Leipzig is not in the next round of DFB Pokal. Poulsen scored the first goal and finally Leipzig increased a lead to two goals. Keep in mind that Leipzig will play in the semi-finals of DFB Pokal. Julian admitted that the midweek game was so intense that squad members had to take one day off. That’s why Leipzig is getting back to normal training slowly. Leipzig’s coach noted that they will play fresh and interesting football on Saturday against Freiburg.


Limits on performance

Leipzig’s coach said that he is happy with how players deal with stress. As you may know, Leipzig is successful in every possible tournament. Team is second in the Bundesliga table. Leipzig is in the semifinals of DFB Pokal and plays in Champions League play-offs. That’s why Julian noted that squad members are good at managing stress and high-intense games.