Julian Nagelsmann had a press-conference before a game. Leipzig will meet Wolfsburg in the quarter-final of DFB Pokal at home-stadium.


Three tournaments at the same time

Journalists asked Julian about the three competitions. They wanted to know which one is a favorite for Leipzig this season. Maybe Julian is favoring one of two of those tournaments. Julian said that Leipzig is trying to play and go as far as possible in all three competitions. Nagelsmann noted that Leipzig squad has to put on maximum gas and go all the way in the semi-final of DFB Pokal. At the same time, Leipzig is in a good position in the Bundesliga. They are still in the play and competition with Bayern Munich for the Bundesliga title. 


Possibilities to end season with a trophy

Julian Nagelsmann said that it’s hard to imagine having a trophy at the end of the season. German coach was very open during the interview. As you may know, Julian has never won a trophy with Leipzig. The coach admitted that winning the trophy will lead to tears. The same happened when Julian won the U19 championship with Hoffenheim’s young team. Nagelsmann added that the team is ready to win any trophy at the end of the season. They are very close to Bundesliga’s and Pokal’s titles.


Wolfsburg is a tough opponent

Nagelsmann admitted that Wolfsburg is a very tough opponent. German coach said that Wolfsburg is playing really good in the offense and defense. In both terms, Wolfsburg’s players are really good. Keep in mind that Wolfsburg has not conceded goals for more than 670 minutes and it’s on the note of Nagelsmann. German coach said that he was tracking the performance and movement of the Wolfsburg squad very closely in the last few matches. The game will be interesting and we have to wait for many goals.