After a big defeat against Bayern Munich, Leipzig will play against Werder. Julian Nagelsmann met with the press on Friday morning and talked about the future of the team.

Making a big statement in Bundesliga

Leipzig lost a very important game against Bayern Munich. Keep in mind that Leipzig was at home stadium and could not make a big impact. Julian Nagelsmann said that the team was very disappointed by the results but there are still many games to be played in the Bundesliga. Keep in mind that Bundesliga games are left for Leipzig and Julian Nagelsmann is very optimistic. Before the clash against Werder Bremen, Julian said that the team is ready to face any club in the domestic league. German coach noted that Leipzig is ready to make a big statement in the Bundesliga. There is still a room for improvement and there is still time to win the domestic league title for Nagelsmann.


Few words about the opponent

Julian said that Werder is a very solid team. Keep in mind that the Bremen coach changed their strategy in the last few weeks. For instance, the team was playing with three-center backs for a few months in this season. At the same time, they switched the formations last three weeks and now they play with four defenders like in a regular strategy. Julian Nagelsmann said that the Werder Bremen squad is very versatile, so he does not know exactly what to expect from the main opponents. German coach admitted that Bremen is very good at high pressing, so the midfield of Leipzig will have a big job to do. The game will be played on Saturday midday and Leipzig has a chance to catch a little big with Bayern Munich. Don’t forget that Bayern is a leader in the league. Hans Flick’s team has to focus more on CL ¼ finals now, so they might lose points.