‘Will anyone stop us? We will get on an open bus and go all over the city. Even if we are considered crazy, we will still do it’. The Liverpool coach is ready to agree to the championship parade next year as well.

Liverpool head coach Jurgen Klopp has promised that the team will celebrate the coveted title properly, even if it happens the next year. As you know, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, mass gatherings are unlikely in the near future. But the Merseysiders are very close to the gold medals.

As you know, Liverpool leads the Premier League with 82 points and are 25 points ahead of their nearest rival Manchester City. The football season in England is scheduled to resume on June 17, and it is clear that Klopp does not doubt achieving his goal.

“It’s unfortunate that we can’t celebrate the championship the way we thought it would. But we all understand the situation. I didn’t really dream. I celebrated the championship in an empty stadium, and then I went home. But we can’t change anything.

The time will come soon, when everything will be the same. The vaccine will probably be invented, and the number of infected people will be minimized. Here, then, we will organize a real celebration. Could it be the 12th or 13th round of next season, and then what? Who will stop us? The cup will be ours even then. We will sit on the open bus and walk around the city. We may be considered crazy. But it doesn’t bother us at all. Even after half a year, it will be a cash parade. “